About us

XL Sport Nutrition was created by a group of sport enthusiasts in the USA. Having started with market research it was decided to concentrate on basic sport supplements to cover essential needs of athletes and those who are dedicated to active lifestyle and keeping fit.
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XL Gainers & XL Proteins

Depending on the product we vary types of proteins and carbs used, but what's always stable is high quality of raw materials we use in all our products to enhance your muscle recovery potential and help you to achieve greater performance. Most of our products contain Inulin which acts as a prebiotic and is linked positively to digestive health.


XL Essensials

Everyday products for each athlete in powder and capsule form. We do not add any irrelevant components in these products to make it cheaper. Our iBCAA are made of high quality free form amino acids, our Creatine is micronized to 200 mesh, our Glutamine has pharmaceutical grade and all of them sugar and carbs free!

Lots of flavours to choose from!

XL Sport Nutrition supplements are available in variety of flavours,
with no unnecessary additives, such as thickeners or flavour enhancers.
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